Stay Home - Stay Safe!

Coronavirus – Stay Home – Stay Safe – Protect Yourself – Protect Others

We have now entered the lockdown and we hope all our customers are safe and taking the necessary precautions needed to be taken during this pandemic. We understand how hard and frustrating it could be at times like this but we at Jagshaving aim to make things easy and comfortable for our customers, as much as we can.
Non-essential businesses currently shut down? Nowhere to cater for your shaving needs? Fear not! Jagshaving promises to bring all the shaving essentials to the comfort of your home. From shaving brushes, razors, stands to mugs and a variety of shaving accessories, you will be spoilt for choices to prepare yourself for self-care at home during the COVID-19 lockdown.
Jagshaving takes all the necessary precautions to make sure the products are sent to you safely. We take pride in the way operations are carried out within the business and all the guidelines are adhered to.
  • Products go through quality check and are packed by minimum amount of staff. We try our best to minimise the contact of products between various staff members.
  • All staff members wear face masks, face shields, aprons and gloves while handling the products
  • Staff working spaces and products storage spaces are regularly and thoroughly cleaned and sanitised
  • Social distancing is thoroughly followed
  • There is an increased amount of ventilation throughout the working spaces
  • COVID-19 guidelines are clearly displayed within the working spaces for everyone to follow
  • We only use the best and reliable delivery services who adhere to all the safety guidelines while delivering our parcels!
We hope our customers have a safe and healthy time during the lock down and we are here to help our customers during these troubling times.
Jagshaving team!