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Shaving bowl

Shaving bowl is made of chrome plated stainless steel, durable and perfectly polished smooth. Antique shaving mug that will also enhance the beauty of your bathroom and is the perfect addition to your wet shaving kit as it will never chip, crack or break. This shaving mug for men is convenient to use, it will give you the best wet shaving experience. Just pour your favorite shaving soap into this shaving soap bowl and use your shaving brush to work your lather. Finely polished and smooth design, provide a luxurious look that will fit right in your bathroom. Designed with comfort efficiency in mind builds a great lather easily. Durable, cost effective shaving mug/shaving bowl. There's no reason to pay a lot of money for a ceramic bowl that will break after a few weeks or months, when you can get a stainless and fully heat insulated shaving mug that will fit your needs. The premium shaving mug bowl is designed by Jag Shaving in the UK. This stainless steel shaving mug is an amazing idea for the special man in your life or any man who appreciates the classic, old school way of shaving. Stylish Shaving. Only quality was considered when making the Perfect shaving bowl. A great addition to any Smooth Shaving Mug Bowl. Comes with lid.

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Beste Edelstahl-Rasierschale mit Deckel und Chrom-Finish - Jag Shaving DE
Beste Edelstahl-Rasierschale mit Deckel und Chrom-Finish - Jag Shaving DE