Pure Silver Tip Badger Hair Brush Blue Resin Handle


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Silver Tip Badger Hair Shaving Brush.

An eco-friendly, vegan shaving brush option: easier to care for, more durable, and with the same water-absorbing and lathering ability as their natural counterparts!

New premium handles carefully engineered to provide the best balance and weight, resulting in an easy to handle and comfortable piece.

Using silver tip badger hair brushes makes for a much more rewarding experience - you will find that the lather builds up quickly and easily. Shaving extremely inexpensively with a brush creates a much richer lather with less soap!

In addition, silver tip badger hair brushes gently massage your skin and prepare your face for shaving. They moisturize and make the process less aggressive and irritating to your skin. Extra Quick-Dry Feature - our synthetic brushes dry much faster than natural badger hair, making them much easier to care for and extending their life.

A great gift for any gentleman - a thoughtful and stunning piece!

Pure Silberspitz Dachshaarpinsel Blau Harzgriff